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External Resources

Links to relevant external online material about Arctic Biology. Here we gather links to resources available on th enet that illustrate or present inforamtion about the Arctic and Arctic Ecosystem and can help students, teachers and generally interested people to learn more and understand the Arctic better.

This page is under development. We just started to collect links to external resources and will add them continously.

Cruise handbook for Svalbard

In the Cruise handbook for Svalbard from the Norwegian Polar Institute you can find information about geology, natural environment, history and cultural heritage sites along the coasts of the Svalbard archipelago. You can klick on ceartain areas on the map to access information, or use the side-menu for navigation.

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Fungi in Svalbard

Fungi in Svalbard gives an overview of conspicious mushroom species found on Svalbard. Pictures, a short description and a note if edible or not are provided.


The Arctic Portal is a gateway to Arctic information and data on the internet. It’s aim is increased sharing of information and co-operation among Arctic stakeholders and  supporting co-operation and outreach in science, education, and policy making. Check out the library, through which the Arctic Portal provides access to maps, reports, books, articles about the …

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The Flora of Svalbard

The web-site svalbardflora.no is dedicated to Svalbards flora of vascular plants. Species found aroun dSvalbard are presented with beautiful and informative pictures accompanied by detailed texts. This page is uppdated regularly and represents current knowledge.


On SPIDER – the Svalbard Pictographic Invertebrate and Education Resource – you can find information on the terrestrial and freshwater invertebrate fauna of Svalbard.