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We are compiling a variety of additional resources. Those are links to external material like further reading, videos, graphics, figures, but also a variety of teaching and learning resources, specifically created for Arctic biology courses taught at UNIS by UNIS teachers.

External resources

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Fungi in Svalbard

Fungi in Svalbard gives an overview of conspicious mushroom species found on Svalbard. Pictures, a short description and a note if edible or not are

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The Arctic Portal is a gateway to Arctic information and data on the internet. It’s aim is increased sharing of information and co-operation among Arctic

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The Flora of Svalbard

The web-site svalbardflora.no is dedicated to Svalbards flora of vascular plants. Species found aroun dSvalbard are presented with beautiful and informative pictures accompanied by detailed

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On SPIDER – the Svalbard Pictographic Invertebrate and Education Resource – you can find information on the terrestrial and freshwater invertebrate fauna of Svalbard.

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Course resources

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