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Simen and Tina at the Bjørndalen weather station. Photo © UNIS

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Digital Tools

Improve your learning by exploring our digital tools

We, in collaboration with the University Center in Svalbard, FieldPass, bioCEED have created a selection of digital tools. From virtual field guides (VFGs) using 360° images from the Svalbard archipelago, to digital identification keys for Svalbard flora and instruction videos for lab and field activities.


360° Virtual Field Guides​

A project started in 2019, with the aim to create VFGs that can be used by students in preparation to field work, to refresh past field experiences and to be used in evaluation a students field knowledge. 

We know have several of these guides from around Svalbard and hope to expand them in the future. They are mostly aimed at biology students, but other non-biologist may find them useful as well.

360° Seasonal VFG

This VFG project stated in May of 2022. It puts the focus on key areas around Longyearbyen, Svalbard. These areas being Bjørndalen, Endalen and parts of Adventdalen. The are close to the university center and therefore often serves as location for scientific research and course activities.  

And being this close allow allowed us to visit the same areas to show on the it all changes across the season.

ArtsApp - Digital Key

A digital key for Svalbard’s flora, with specific keys for vascular plants and grasses. It can also be downloaded as an iOS or Andriod app on your phone and be used offline. It is free to use. 

Watch this video on how to use it.

Videos of Field and Lab Activities

Coming soon!

• Learning Arctic Biology •

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