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Want to learn about Arctic terrestrial biology?

Imagine standing on a small hill, looking over a vast stretch of Arctic tundra with the cold wind on your face and wondering: What kind of organisms can I find here? How do they manage to live in this cold, harsh environment?

Throughout the pages of this open electronic learning portal, we try to answer such questions as good as we can with today’s knowledge. It provides material and information, including links to further reading, about Arctic ecosystems and organisms living within the Arctic, with a special focus on the High-Arctic archipelago Svalbard. Through a set of virtual field guides, we also aim to bridge theory with practice – and help visitors filtering the complexity of reality and notice the hidden patterns of Arctic nature. 

The material was prepared or reviewed by scientists working in the Arctic within the respective fields, and we hope it can be a resource for both students and teachers who learn and teach Arctic biology at Universities, but also for high school teachers and pupils, Arctic nature guides and others.

Learn in a visual way through our Virtual Field Guide

Explore Svalbard, its biology and more in 360-degrees. Several guides have been crafted for locations around the archipelago, where one can get an overview of common species, the general ecology and sometimes interesting historical information. It’s a good way to introduce yourself to the foreign habitat of the Arctic, plan fieldwork or just to enhance your Arctic knowledge.

Identify the flora of Svalbard with ArtsApp

There are 184 vascular plants on Svalbard. And it can be hard to identify them all. But fear not, with ArtsApp downloaded to your phone, you can access identification keys and solve the question of what life you’re staring down at. The key is available offline.

Learn about student life, from the students

The biology department at UNIS has offered an internship course for biology students for a while now. A part of the course, is to broadcast to the world about their experience and what they have learned while doing an internship.

Check out our YouTube channel

You will find instructional videos here as well as videos showing the flora and landscape of Svalbard.

Videos will be added continously, so make sure to follow our channel.