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Arctic invertebrate habitats

Invertebrates in Svalbard can be found just about anywhere, flying, under rocks, in the soil, crawling on the vegetation, in the streams and ponds, even on the surface of glaciers.  However, they are more common where there is some soil and vegetation and also on the warmer west coast.  As they are generally small they are often not obvious and some effort is required to observe them.  Nonetheless, there they are and often in vast numbers.  Areas of Colesdalen can have over 800,000 individuals of one species of collembolan every square metre.

  • Normal soil picture – Ny-Ålesund describe the fauna here (my papers plus Tones enchytraeid studies)
  • Streams – picture
  • Whale bones
  • Cryoconite holes
  • Nests
  • Reindeer & birds
  • Under birdcliffs e.g. 14.julibukta and Alkepynten, Grumont, Krykkjefjell
  • Freshwater ponds and streams (Hornsund pics plus midtre lovénbre foreland)
  • Skua mounds
  • Dead reindeer

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Last updated on 11th September 2023
Published on 22nd August 2023
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